Healthy Habits.

Better Business.

Challenge your people to become the best version

of themselves—and watch your business grow

A complete wellness program.

WellRight offers all the essentials to boost the well-being of your employees:

– Health Risk Assessment
– Group Challenges
– Personal Challenges
– Life Coaching
– Claims Data Analysis

– Biometrics
– Reporting
– University
– Rewards Engine

WellRight - Complete Wellness Program Platform
WellRight - Mobile Apps and Wearables

Do it on purpose.

Understanding why it’s even worth achieving a healthy well-being is the first step—always.

Beyond the typical physical and nutritional dimensions of well-being, WellRight evaluates employee health in four additional areas: emotional, social, occupational, and financial. When awareness of these dimensions are all added up, it sets the stage to understand one’s purpose, allowing engagement in the wellness program to have real meaning.

Connect how you want.

Make wellness simple for your team. Access to WellRight can be done via smartphone, text messaging, tablet, or web portal. Interfacing with wearables, most fitness apps, and other wellness vendors is standard. Because some like to talk and others like to tweet.

WellRight - Mobile Apps and Wearables
WellRight - Build Holistic Habits

Make wellness a habit.

Imagine that moving for 30 minutes each day were as regular as saying “thanks” when someone does a favor for you. For wellness to stick, it needs to become a habit. WellRight’s 100+ habit-forming challenges cover nutrition, mental well-being, financial health, and fitness. Complete wellness is a holistic endeavor, not just the ability to run a six minute mile.

Show your work.

Gauges and progress bars motivate participants to achieve their wellness goals. The rewards engine can be configured to earn points, levels, enter raffles, or awards. WellRight works with you to design the best rewards structure for your team, its goals, and your budget.

WellRight - Goal Tracking and Rewards
WellRight - Positive Workplace Culture

Build together.

We know that the positive, culture-building effects of wellness may be the most important part of your program. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of our solution to support that goal. As your organization comes together, great things will happen.