WellRight - 21 Habits - A Wellness Survival Guide

We believe in habits so much, we wrote a book about them.


Wellness becomes almost effortless when we form healthy habits. 21 Habits explores the most basic behaviors that we need to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It’s a simple and fun read that aims to inspire.


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21 Habits is a concise, practical, motivational, and easily-digestible overview of the fundamental principles of healthy living.  Undoubtedly, primary care doctors would LOVE to have all of their patients read and practice these guidelines!”

David Mitchell, MD, PhD

“After reading this book, I am on my own quest to master all 21 Habits and will encourage my patients to do the same, one healthy habit at a time.”

Dan Lonergan, MD

“As a health coach, it is refreshing to read reliable information presented in an empathetic way that gets back to the core of what works.  Whoever has the good fortune of reading this book will be changed for the better.”

Karen Schroeder, RD, LDN, HWC

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