Every organization needs a unique wellness program.

WellRight makes that happen.

WellRight is an agile platform that powers tailored,
positive habit-forming wellness programs.

A Complete Wellness Program Platform

WellRight offers all the essentials:

– Health Risk Assessment
– Group Challenges
– Personal Challenges
– Custom Activities
– Biometrics
– Health Coaching
– University
– Rewards Engine
– Reporting

How each of these are incorporated into your wellness program is entirely your choice, although our team will coach you on best practices towards a successful outcome for your organization.

WellRight - Complete Wellness Program Platform - screenshot
WellRight - Mobile Apps and Wearables

Flexible and Connected

Access to WellRight can be done via mobile device, text messaging, or web portal. Interfacing with wearables, most fitness apps, and other wellness vendors is standard.

Habits and Holistic

Undivided attention to positive habit formation has driven the design of WellRight’s 70+ challenges that cover nutrition, mental well-being, financial health, and fitness. Complete wellness is a holistic endeavor, not just the ability to run a six minute mile.

WellRight - Build Holistic Habits
WellRight - Goal Tracking and Rewards

Tracking and Rewards

Gauges and progress bars allow participants to witness their achievement towards wellness. The rewards engine can be configured to earn points, levels, enter raffles, or awards. WellRight works with you to design the best rewards structure for your population, goals, and budget.


We know that the positive, culture-building effects of wellness may be the most important part of your program. That’s why we’ve designed every aspect of our solution to support that goal. As your organization comes together, great things will happen.

WellRight - Positive Workplace Culture